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Expand Internationally: is it the right moment?

For any business in today’s world, expanding internationally should be on the top priority list. Not only International expansion provide diversification and additional revenue, it also provides ability of creating different methods of doing business. 

One of the key reasons to expand internationally is diversification. Markets that are ultra competitive and mature in your own territory may still be emerging, or ready to be created in other countries. This offers companies an opportunity to become less dependent on their domestic economic situation.

Another reason to expand internationally is to provide growth. Foreign markets offer new sources for revenue and profit margin expansion. Expanding into new markets, however, requires significant understanding on the idiosyncrasies of the targeted markets. Most importantly, matters such as market positionning, business culture understanding, sales cycle adaptation must be taken into account. New markets can provide substantial additional revenue and profits to any company that takes the time and effort to study the markets and enter them carefully.

At this point you may be asking yourself a few different questions. “How do I choose the right markets?” “How many countries can my company enter at once?” “What financial, human and administrative resources will we need?”  “What would our return on investment be if we do this?” These and other similar questions should, of course, be asked, but the answers lie across a broad spectrum.

You can also enter foreign markets on a completely opportunistic basis - seizing current business opportunities.

What is important, however, once you decide to pursue international expansion, is that you commit to a methodological and sustained approach. That’s when things will start to happen, and you’ll begin to see overseas business opportunities. 

International expansion sounds exciting and profitable. But if you or your organization lack strategy, commitment, an adapted value proposition, international expansion should not be on your top priority list.

Realistic but ambitious goals must be set, and important questions need to be both asked answered. What are you hoping to accomplish? Will such an expansion affect your present operations? If yes, then how? How much time do i want to see my return on investment? Do i have the right skills to do it on my own or should i work with international local experts in business development?

If you answer a convincing “Yes” to the above questions, then pack light—and enjoy the journey.

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